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Cantonese Class 1 Recap!


Thank you for attending the Cantonese class! Karen and I were so happy to see your enthusiasm and that you’ve learned so fast!

But don’t forget to review what we’ve learned from time to time! Here’s a recap of what we’ve learned on Friday!

1. Introduction:

  • “Hello, my name is _____. I am a student of __(program)___.” “你好!我嘅名係______. 我係______嘅學生。”

2. Writing & Tones:

  • The orientation of Chinese characters: top-down-left-right
  • 6 basic tones (which pretty much covers all of it)
    • Tone Pitch Contour Example
      1 1 High Level dzUng1 Chinese
      2 2 Low-Mid to High Rising gon2 speak
      3 3 Mid Level ou3 bay
      4 4 Low-Mid to Low Falling tsAm4 sink
      5 5 Low to Low-Mid Rising mai5 buy
      6 6 Low-Mid Level mai6 sell
Then we’ve covered how to greet in Cantonese, please download the following file and have fun in pronouncing Cantonese!
What’s more, we have to thank Karen for making an  amazing blog! We went through it in our class. Here is the link.
You can also find information of the BUILD Cantonese class on my blog:
If you cannot log in to the site, please contact me or Karen. We will set up your permissions right away!
Thanks again! See you all next time!

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