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こんにちは(konnichiwa)!  Thanks to everyone who came to class today!  Here is what we did:

1. Review of greetings and greeting dialogue.

2. Numbers

3. Introduction to Hiragana (あ–>そ)




Here are the hiragana and katakana letters in a PDF file that you can download and print yourself!  The first file is 16 pages long.  Half of the pages have the letters and the stroke order (how to write them) and the other half has the pronunciation.   You might have to spend some time at the copy machine getting the letters and the pronunciation to match up.  If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, I can explain it in class next Friday.

This 2nd PDF file has all the hiragana and katakana letters and the pronunciation written in romaji right below the letter.   You can cut them out and practice reading and writing!   You can get some tracing paper and trace over the letters (thanks for the tip, Maiya!)

This last Word document has the numbers written in kanji and romaji, from 1-100, plus 1,000.  We’ll post the answers to the extra practice for the numbers later in the week!

Minasan (everyone), have a good weekend!! 🙂

Chris and Kimby

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