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As TESOL master students, we are always thinking of how to merge culture with language as they are inseparable and the difference between them is infinitesimal. Therefore, and as a mean of engaging you in the Arabic culture, the second biggest Arabic event will take place this coming sunday 6 2011 in the Fairground  in Monterey. It is the Adha Eid, the second Eid in the Arab world. It is a huge cultural event. I recommend you to join me on Sunday trip to the fairground to witness that event. There are no fees for attendance but I recommend you to prepare to get a snapshot of the cultural event there.
The second big event is next Wednesday. We will watch a movie about the origin of Arab and their religion. It is the 101 movie to understand the Arabic culture and language especially for those in NPTS program-You are more than welcome to attend in Holland center. That movie is the pioneering movie in terms of its influence in fostering an appropriate understanding of the language and Arab culture.
I will keep you in touch with all details soon when we catch the weekend.

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