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Minasan Konnichiwa!

Thank you for coming to our lesson on Friday.

We reviewed dates and months and talked about time.

Here is a link to a website with a video to review and practice telling the time:

We also introduced some verbs:

おきる        okiru              to wake up/get up
ねる         neru               to go to sleep
はりまる      hajimaru           to start/begin
おわる       owaru              to end/finish
We combined the time and the verbs to make sentences like:
何時 に おきますか。    Nanji ni okimasu ka?      What time do you wake up?
八時 に おきます。      Hachiji ni okimasu.       I wake up at eight o'clock.

Other vocabulary:

たぶん      tabun       maybe
たぶん 七時 に おきます。    Tabun shichi ji ni okimasu.  Maybe I'll get up at seven o'clock.
ごろ        goro        about/around
十二時 ごろ ねます。   Juuniji goro nemasu     I'll got to sleep around 12:00.
Here's the link to the Word document with this information.

どうも ありがとう。
Doumo arigatou!
また 来週!
Mata raishuu!
(See you next week!)

Karen and Kimby


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