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In our Friday class this week, we started putting together our own recipes. We constructed sentences to go in a recipe for cake, sandwiches, crêpes and stir-frys! All the new vocabulary words that we used can be found here.

Now let’s try making more sentences, and seeing if we can guess what type of recipe they would be in! I’ll start in the comments below with a sentence that would appear in a recipe. The next person can guess what the person above them might be cooking, and then add a sentence of their own! On y va…

6 Responses to “French 1: Les recettes”

  1. Becky Bierman says:

    Verser 50 grammes du fromage sur la sauce tomate.

  2. Robin Chen says:


  3. Robin Chen says:

    Mettre le poulet dans le cassoulet avec un litre d’eau, les oignons, les carottes, les champignons, et les pommes de terre.

  4. Becky Bierman says:

    C’est un poulet rôti?

  5. Robin Chen says:

    N’est pas rôti. Il y a un litre d’eau!
    Peut-etre le mot “cassoulet” n’est pas propre ? Je veux dire “pot” en francais, mais je ne souviens bien.

  6. Becky Bierman says:

    Non, cassoulet, c’est bon. J’ai pas vu qu’il y a un litre d’eau! C’est une soupe?

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