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German Build!

Grüß Euch!

Gina Hamman und ich (Jennie McCulloch) sind die Lehrerinnen für deutsches BUILD dieses Semester. Willkommen!

Gina Hamman and I (Jennie McCulloch) are the German BUILD this semester. We meet in Morse 200 Fridays at 11:00am. All are welcome!

We will post information on what we have done in class as well as useful links. For starters, check out:

dict.leo.org  (an online dictionary)


During week one we covered basic introductions including age, languages spoken and previous travel experience. In our small group we had people who had lived in various countries.

Die Studenten haben in den folgenden Länder gewohnt:

  Volksrepublik China                   Brussel, Belgien

 Berlin, Deutschland                   Frankreich

Die Studenten sprechen  Chinesisch, Russisch, Italienisch, Franzoesisch, und Deutsch!

In Week Two we continued with introductions, and talked about the age, the place of birth, the profession and current location of various well-known German personages!

Here is a list of some phrases and vocabulary we used in class:

-Wie heisst du/ Wie heissen Sie?

Ich bin Jennie/ Ich heisse Jennie.

– Woher kommst du/ woraus kommst du/ wo kommst du her? (Woher kommen Sie…)

Ich komme aus Seattle. (Er/ sie kommst aus…)

-Wo wohnst du?

Ich wohne jetzt in Monterey. (Er/ sie wohnt in…)

-Wo hast du (früher) gewohnt?

Ich habe in Portland gewohnt.

Welche Sprache sprichst du?

Ich spreche Deutsch.

-Wie alt bist du/ Wie alt sind Sie?

Ich bin neunundzwanzig Jahre alt. (Sie/ er ist …)


1 eins         2 zwei              3drei        4 vier           5 fuenf              6 sechs

7 sieben     8 acht              9 neun                         10 zehn           11 elf               12 zwölf

13 dreizehn                       14 fierzehn      15   fuenfzehn…   17 siebzehn

20 zwanzig                        21 einundzwanzig

30 dreißig                          32 zweiunddreißig

40 vierzig                          43 dreiundvierzig

50 fuenfzig                          54 vierundfuenfzig

60 sechzig                         65 fuenfundsechzig

70 siebzig                          76 sechsundsiebzig

80 achtzig                          87 siebenundachtzig

90 neunzig                         98 achtundneunzig

100 (ein)hundert               101 einhunderteins

200 zweihundert               205 zweihunderfunf

1000 (ein) tausend                        1,000,000 eine million

* I apologize for the lack of appropriate umlaut on fuenf

-Hast du Geschwister/ Haben Sie Geschwister?

Ich habe einen Bruder.

Ich habe eine Schwester.

-Wie alt ist er/ Wie alt ist sie?

Er ist…. Sie ist…

Die Eltern

Meine Mutter, mein Vater

Here are some links to videos of introductions, learning materials, and some music:

http://youtu.be/JoMqyJCc1yU (from the series Alles Gute)

http://youtu.be/9nPLZUMZ4OQ (a song about not knowing a girl’s name)

http://youtu.be/i2GaHyDSfmg (another song: Sag, wie heisst du)


Also, check out the movie Pina, playing now at Osio <<http://osiocinemas.com/>>.


Wim Wenders directed this film about the late German dancer/ choreographer Pina Bausch.

http://www.pina-film.de/de/  (you can also click on English in the upper-right corner).

There isn’t a lot of German in the movie, but listen for the Jahreszeiten, the seasons, in the beginning, and enjoy the amazing dancing and cinematography!

Bis nächstes Mal!


Arabic 2/ Intermediate-Advanced

Hi everyone,

I’m happy that we had our first BUILD class this evening. I had five wonderful students who were very excited to start and improve their Arabic. Anyways, here is a recap of what we had in the first class:

1- We did the needs analysis for the class.

2- We warmed up with personal introduction.

3- We also finalized with a short conversation using a bunch of new words. For a quick review, here is the conversation:


السلام عليكم

كيف حالكَ/ حالكِ؟ – كيف الحال؟

بخير, الحمدلله

ما اسمكَ/ اسمكِ؟

اسمي ….

من أين انتَ/ انتِ؟

من أي مدينة ؟

انا من …..

تشرفنا , تشرفنا – لي الشرف

مع السلامة , مع السلامة


You do not have to sign-up for classes, you just need to show-up. Attend as many different classes as you would like to.

Language Day/Time Room Teacher(s)
Arabic 1 Fridays, 2pm-3pm A200 Waleed
Arabic 2 Fridays, 4pm-5pm A201 Adnan
Cantonese Fridays, 1pm-2pm A202 Karen
Farsi Fridays, 1pm-2pm A205 Arash & Olga
French A Thurs, 6:30-7:30pm A205 Kasey
French B Fridays, 2pm-3pm A201 Sarah H.
German Fridays, 11am-12pm A200 Jennie
Japanese Fridays, 3pm-4pm B107 Karen & Bryan
Korean A Wed, 6pm-7pm A205 Hala
Korean B Fridays, 4pm-5pm A200 Ben
Mandarin (Beg/Int) Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm B107 Caitlin & Angelica
Mandarin (Int/Adv) Mondays, 6pm-7pm A201 Karen & Vicky
Chinese Cuisine Thurs, 1pm-2pm A200 Robin
Chinese Culture Fridays, 3pm-4pm A205 Yinghua & Sisi
Russian A Mondays, 6pm-7pm A202 James
Russian B Fridays, 5pm-6pm A200 Vita
Shanghainese Thurs, 12pm-1pm A200 Angelica
Spanish 1 Thurs, 1pm-2pm A201 Sendy
Spanish 2A Tuesdays, 1pm-2pm A201 Celia
Spanish 2B Fridays, 1pm-2pm A200 Maiya & Bryan
Spanish Comm. Thurs, 6pm-7pm A202 Caroline
Turkish Tues, 12pm-1pm A200 JoDee
Thai Tues, 12pm-1pm A201 Rawiwan & Yam
Tech 4 Teachers Fridays, 2pm-3pm B208 Sarah

Level 1: Little/no previous experience with the language
Level 2: Some/a lot of experience with the language
A & B Classes: Just a way to differentiate between two or more of the same class

If you have questions about classes, please contact us at miisbuild@gmail.com.
Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/256651434358633

We hope to see you in class 🙂

Thank you to all of you who completed our BUILD surveys, attended our Interest Meetings, and for your enthusiasm for BUILD. This week we will be finalizing a class schedule as we try to align teachers’ availability, student availability, and room reservations. Check back with us this weekend and we promise to do our best to have a FINAL course schedule posted!

We appreciate your patience 🙂

Thank you!

Hello fellow BUILDers! Your BUILD officers are hard at work gathering teachers, advertising, and compiling class schedules. We hope to have a complete class schedule listed by Friday, February 10th, 2012. Classes will begin on Monday, February 13th. Please stay tuned! If you are interested in teaching, please fill out this short survey: Spring 2012 Teacher Survey. Oh, and don’t forget to tell someone else about the awesomeness of BUILD.

If you are interested, or know someone who is interested, in learning with BUILD, we also have a Spring 2012 Student Survey. Our goal is to match the preferences of teachers and students to make BUILD work for everyone!

We’ll see you in February!

Hope everyone enjoyed the winter break!

Spring 2012 semester is coming up soon and we want you to join us in the adventures of language teaching! If you are interested in teaching with us in the spring, please fill out our Spring 2012 Teacher Survey.

We will be holding two B.U.I.L.D. Interest Meetings on Thursday, February 2 at 12:15pm and Friday, February 3 at 3:30pm. The location will be announced later. Please come to either one or both to learn more about teaching and learning with B.U.I.L.D.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at MIISBUILD@gmail.com.

Thanks to all of our hard working teachers and students who made this semester so successful!

The class schedule for next semester will change, based on input from both teachers and students. We also hope to add a few new languages (like Turkish!) and will certainly continue will most of the languages we offered this fall. The new schedule should be come available in early February. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Please click here to take just a couple minutes to complete this short survey! It will give us important information on how to improve BUILD for future semesters.

Happy Holidays and have a nice break! We will see you in February!

Thank you to everybody for your attendance- physical and mental- this semester.  It has been a real pleasure to work with this class.

Today’s lesson focused on the holidays.  We learned the vocab for Christmas, Hanukkah, and for New Year’s celebrations.  Everyone also took a turn describing their plans for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We ended by reading a couple of short stories written by French school children about snowmen (bonhommes de neige). If anyone who missed would like to have the handouts, please email me and I’ll happily send them along to you.

Hope everyone has a great fin de semestre and wonderful holidays.


Last Friday’s French 2

Last Friday we reviewed the passé composé from the prior week and started talking about the imparfait.  We discussed the differences between the two tenses and the usage of both.  To review Dr. Mrs. Vandertrampp verbs, we watched a cute little YouTube video that you can see here:





Hola — Hello, hi

¿Cómo estás? ¿Cómo está? — How are you?

Me llamo (nombre).— My name is (name)

¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Cómo se llama usted? — What’s your name?

Mucho gusto. Encantado. — It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Muy bien, gracias — Very well, thank you.

Buenos días — Good day, good morning

Buenas tardes — Good afternoon

Buenas noches — Good night





rojo-                                     red

anaranjado-                      orange

amarillo-                           yellow

verde-                                 green

azul-                                  blue

morado-                           purple

negro-                               black

gris-                                  gray

rosado-                           pink

blanco-                           white


Hola — Hello, hi

¿Cómo estás? ¿Cómo está? — How are you?

Me llamo (nombre).— My name is (name)

¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Cómo se llama usted? — What’s your name?

Mucho gusto. Encantado. — It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Muy bien, gracias — Very well, thank you.

Buenos días — Good day, good morning

Buenas tardes — Good afternoon

Buenas noches — Good night


Can you please speak slower?     ¿Puedes hablar mas despacio, Por favor?

Can you please repeat?  ¿Puedes repetir, por favor?

What did you do yesterday?  ¿Que hiciste ayer?

How do you say?   ¿Como se dice?


Words Tossed around in class:


Week                                 Semana

Question                           Pregunta

Shirt                                  Camisa

Blouse                               Blusa

Happy                               Feliz

Sad                                    Triste

Thank you                       Gracias

Please                               Por Favor



Articles of clothing — Prendas de vestir

bathrobe — el albornoz

belt — el cinturón (leather belt, cinturón de cuero)

blouse — la blusa

boots — las botas

cap — la gorra, el gorro

coat — el abrigo

dress — el vestido

gloves — los guantes

hat — el sombrero

jacket — la chaqueta

jeans — los jeans, los vaqueros, los bluyines, los tejanos

miniskirt — la minifalda

pajamas — la pijama

pants, trousers — los pantalones

purse — el bolso

raincoat — el impermeable

sandal — la sandalia

shirt — la camisa

shoe — el zapato

shorts — los pantalones cortos, el short, las bermudas, los culotes

skirt — la falda

slipper — la zapatilla

sock — el calcetín

stocking — la media

suit — el traje

sweater — el suéter, el jersey, la chompa

sweatshirt — la sudadera, el pulóver (with hood, con capucha)

sweatsuit — el traje de entrenamiento

swimsuit — el bañador, el traje de baño

tennis shoe, sneaker — el zapato de tenis, el zapato de lona

tie — la corbata

T-shirt — la camiseta, la playera

underwear — la ropa interior

wristwatch — el reloj (de pulsera)

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