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Today we played karuta, a Japanese game to practice reading hiragana! We learned the remaining hiragana characters and you’ll get used to reading these as you learn more vocabulary. We’ve uploaded the handouts from today and have included the power point pictures, too. Please post any comments or questions or you can email me at: […]

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Japanese 1 week 2

こんにちは(konnichiwa)!  Thanks to everyone who came to class today!  Here is what we did: 1. Review of greetings and greeting dialogue. 2. Numbers 3. Introduction to Hiragana (あ–>そ) (あ、い、う、え、お) (か、き、く、け、こ) (さ、し、す、せ、そ) Here are the hiragana and katakana letters in a PDF file that you can download and print yourself!  The first file is 16 pages […]

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