How I Got Here, & What I’m Doing

My summer at the State Coastal Conservancy started off with a whirlwind of events: meetings and workshops galore! The highlight from my first week had to have been the San Mateo County Vulnerability Assessment Kickoff which took place in Foster City and had Congresswoman Jackie Speier there as a speaker. If you’re not familiar with this inspirational woman, her story is pretty unique.( in the moment, what really drew me was a question she had for the audience of stakeholders when referring to future generations, “Are their lives going to be better off than ours?” These are ideas I hope most people reflect on, but it may not always be the case.

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Having the Craic in Ireland

Hello all!

I am glad to report I am having the craic in Ireland this summer as a Center for Blue Economy Fellow. Just to clear up any misconceptions, no, I am not a drug user. Rather, having the craic (pronounced ‘crack’) is a common Irish turn-of-phrase that means having a great time.

Just one example of how I unexpectedly stumbled into some language barriers here, despite living in a country that shares the same primary language! Perhaps I should have seen that coming… after all, Ireland has two official languages: 1. English 2. Well, what else but Irish? Its been fun to see all the dual-language street signs.

IMG_1362I have no idea how to pronounce any of that…

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BothCo is in the news!!!

“The backyard farm that aims to change the world… and has a chance.” pg 44 in the Monterey County Weekly July 16, 2015 or at this link – 

The BothCo family is very pleased and proud to be entered in the local news and held to such high regard. Thank you again to Wendy Hayward and the Hayward Foundation for helping fund such an endeavor. Visit us or donate at


JamesJames Galvin (President of BothCo) being interviewed for the article…


Dear Oil Spills, PUT A CORK IN IT! Sincerely, the Drilling Fellow who loves her job

I came to Maersk uncertain of what to expect, even uncertain about if I would find fulfillment in the tasks I would be asked to perform. As someone who tears up at the site of oil spill footage, I was downright nervous to walk through the doors of a drilling company’s head office. Now, eight weeks into my fellowship and I feel right at home. I take pride in the tasks that have been given to me and the job itself feels important. Perfect? No. But a valuable response to our current socio-economic composition? Absolutely. That is how I think of my work here, and the work of every single one of my colleagues on the HSSE team. It really feels great to work on something that directly makes a difference for a cause I care about. Continue reading

Exploring Corporate Level Solutions

All is still well in Denmark! Although if you don’t look out the window, I really could be anywhere. Working for Maersk is the very definition of international. In a single day I may be on the phone with colleagues in Singapore and Mumbai (sometimes at the same time), frantically flipping through the pages of MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from ships) to determine whether or not a rig in the Philippines is disposing of their drill cuttings accordingly, or discussing corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Arctic with colleagues over coffee. In our small HSSE team alone, there are ten countries represented and three continents. It makes for such an invigorating work environment, as world views fuse into progressive policymaking and occasional cultural faux pas give way to much needed laughter breaks. Continue reading


After one month in Southern Pohnpei with the Enipein community, my time in the jungle is up. I bid farewell to my “brother” Teraul and the rest of my wonderful host-family, then delivered my conservation management plan to the Woun Kepin Soamwoai Nature Conservancy, sent my grant proposal to the Municipal Government of Kitti, distributed my Ridge-to-Reef educational PowerPoint to the Community Conservation Officers, and presented the village chief with my Enipein Ecotourism outreach brochure. I left my injured bird, Elvis, in the caring hands of some village friends who agreed to continue my efforts of nursing him back to health, and gave my adopted stray dog, Kovu, one final pat as I left Enipein and the jungle behind me. Continue reading

Bonjour from Paris and UNESCO!

IMG_1278After an entire year of talking about, analyzing and dissecting UNESCO’s World     Heritage Program, I find it almost hard to believe that I am actually here. Every morning I walk the 4 minutes from my apartment in the 7th Arrondissement to my internship in the World Heritage Center situated alongside the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the Eiffel Tower looming large just a half mile away, and I  have to pinch myself.

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A Mzungu in Nairobi

Mambo and hello from Nairobi! This summer I have the amazing opportunity to do something I have not stopped talking about for months. I am interning with the United Nations Environment Programme with their Global Programme of Action for the protection of the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities (GPA). The offices of the GPA are located in Nairobi, Kenya and are the UN headquarters in Africa.

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Both Co. Aquaponics

Hope it was a happy 4th of July for all! The summer with Both Co. has been veggie good. With 2 beautiful aquaponics systems producing delicious and sustainable veggies, investors and clients can’t help but knock on Both Co.’s garden gate. Both Co. has also been donating the majority of their produce to local food banks in the Monterey area. An anonymous investor donates for the lbs of produce and the money goes towards Both Co’s ever growing vision of helping solve global thirst and hunger. The next, bigger, badder, and more eco-friendly system is in the mix.  I will be updating soon on more of the veggie goodness, but until then, eat local and sustainable, ya hippies ; )




City Life

I have never been a city person. I have never pictured myself working in an office, wearing heels and blazers, metro-ing in every day and taking the elevator to the 28th floor. And yet here I am, doing all that and more.

My whole life I have been called things like “outdoorsy” and “addicted to the sun.” My passions have always revolved around camping, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and pretty much anything else that would facilitate me being outdoors on a sunny day. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, these passions were easy to pursue, and they manifested in the form of surfing, scuba diving, and lots of beach time. As a result of spending so much time outdoors, I developed a strong desire to protect the places that I love, especially the critically endangered ocean environments that I had long taken for granted as a resident of a town who cherishes and protects its marine ecosystems. Once I began traveling and viewing the world outside of my hometown oasis, I began to realize the truth: that our oceans are in trouble.

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