Jillian Acker working with OneReef in Indonesia

Student Name:   Jillian Acker

Fellowship Organization:   OneReef

Fellowship Location:  Bali, Indonesia

Dates of Fellowship:  June 1- Aug 10, 2018

Brief Description:  Jillian will be developing economic models for coral reef conservation in Indonesia.  Specifically she will be working:

  • To identify the most effective economic models to be pursued by OneReef in three sites in Indonesia with communities towards strengthening coral reef conservation in specific communities with two partner organizations.
  • To identify needs and costs of marine reserve enforcement needs in 2 communities in Dampier Strait: training, technological needs, and on-going expenses (e.g., patrol boat, salaries for enforcement officers, fuel, buoys for snorkel and dive operations, etc.)
  • To assess willingness of 2 communities in Lease Islands
  • To identify viable investments in SME options which OneReef can help the community develop in exchange for the community’s effective protection of a no-take area

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