Richard Castillo: WWF Environmental and Social Safeguards

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Washington, D.C.
June 3 to August 9, 2019

Environmental and Social Safeguards are an integral component of international development projects. WWF is committed to ensuring that its projects not only avoid (or minimize) adverse environmental and social impacts, but also enhance positive impacts to the maximum extent possible.

Richard will be working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Headquarters in Washington DC and will be part of the Environmental and Social Safeguards Team. As a Safeguards Intern, Richard will develop knowledge and training programs to educate other WWF offices and staff regarding WWF’s new procedures that minimize the adverse environmental and social impacts of international development projects and enhance the positive impacts. These Environmental and Social Safeguards are integral to international development projects and Richard will be working on integrating the safeguards into project design at WWF.

Richard will be working on various marine-related projects, such as ridge to reef watershed management in Central America, mangrove restoration in South America, fisheries management in Indonesia, and marine protected areas in Madagascar. During his internship, Richard will gain skills in stakeholder engagement, capacity building and facilitation, and project design. He will learn first-hand how non-governmental organizations operate internationally when implementing marine conservation and development projects. This knowledge will serve him well in his ideal future career working internationally.

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