Oceane Ringuette: Climate Change Team

Ocean Protection Council
Sacramento, California, U.S.A
June 1-July 31, 2020

Over the course of the 9-week summer internship, Oceane will work with the California Ocean Protection Council’s Climate Change Team to help meet the discussed climate change targets and actions explicitly identified in Goal One of the Strategic Plan to Protect California’s Coast and Ocean: COPC Strategic Plan 2020-2025. Primarily, this work will consist of the development of a white paper to inform the draft “Request for Bid” for the Beach Resiliency Plan and/or the Site-Specific Critical Infrastructure Resiliency Plan and will include project scoping for this plan.

As a member of the Climate Change Team, Oceane will work with the two staff Program Managers and the current Sea Grant Fellow. As other priorities arise, Oceane may be called upon to help the Climate Team meet other OPC needs. At the end of her internship, Oceane will provide the Ocean Protection Council with the completed white paper and draft Request for Bid for the chosen Resiliency Plan, if time allows, in addition to an associated short report consisting of project scoping, next steps, and opportunities.

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