Remote Work with the Ocean Protection Council

It’s been three full weeks since I’ve started my internship and it’s flown by. I’m so happy to be a climate change intern with the Ocean Protection Council (OPC). I’m working with the climate change team to scope out and research a critical infrastructure resiliency plan. This work will focus on examining the impacts of sea-level rise on coastal infrastructure and work to identify the solutions needed to adapt. This entails reading many vulnerability assessments which will lead to writing a white paper to inform the request for bid for the plan. This is incredibly relevant to my career goal to work on coastal adaptation and resiliency and it’s been a great way to explore this further. 

In addition, being at OPC is allowing me to explore what a career at a State Agency would look like. Everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and I have been having great conversations with team members to hear about their career paths and to learn from them. Even though this summer is a bit odd—with all our internships being remote—I’ve been very lucky to have a team that continually encourages meeting up virtually and is making an effort to make this internship feel as inclusive as it would have if it had been in person.

Speaking of remote work, while this has all been such a transition and an adjustment, I find myself getting into a nice routine now. I’ve been taking lunchtime walks and have organized my desk to be as productive as possible for remote work. I’m lucky to have a beautiful garden view from my window and to continually have fresh flowers to help spruce up my “office” space in my small studio apartment.

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