Madeline Warner: Turning the tide on plastics by amplifying youth voices

Plastic Tides
June 13, 2022 – August 26, 2022

Plastic Tides uses online environmental education campaigns to educate the global community and empower youth to take action against the plastic crisis. Plastic Tides currently maintains an active presence on six accounts across five different social media platforms, providing reliable information and communicating complex topics in environmental science and ecology – free of charge – to a global audience, with minimal barriers to access. Plastic Tides has established its name as a trusted educational outlet and resource for an online community of over fifty thousand followers, and will continue to expand its reach as the organization grows. In particular, the Plastic Tides Global Youth Mentor (GYM) Program connects 12-18 year old Youth Leaders with Mentors from around the world, developing year-long projects to create lasting change in their communities.

The GYM Program IGTV Speaker Series project intends to primarily support the GYM Program by sharing the experiences of current ocean environmental leaders and experts from around the world through short videos. Shared on the Plastic Tides social media pages, the project aims to target current and potential GYM Youth Leaders. The videos will showcase a variety of environmental careers and ways to address plastic pollution, in addition to emphasizing the critical nature of youth leadership within the field. Through conversations with environmental professionals, the Speaker Series hopes to connect viewers with the ocean, encouraging the development of a nature-based empathy to the plastics problem. As the project continues, GYM Mentors and Youth Leaders will be invited to participate and share their experiences as current and new environmental leaders, respectively. Mentors will be asked to share their expertise and experience with the GYM program, while Youth Leaders will be given a chance to speak about their change-based projects. This project is designed to provide ocean conservation inspiration to the entire Plastic Tides online community.

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