Back to schooooool

What a summer! So much has happened since my last post– My ‘deep dive’ presentation to the Fishery Solutions Team went really well. I had a very productive brainstorming session and was able to generate several behavioral intervention ideas for each of the challenges I discuss in my paper. We had a really great intern send-off party at the office on our last day as well. I learned so much at this internship and will really miss working with everyone at EDF!



Goodbye desk! 🙁

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Kickball Champions

Only 2 more weeks?! I can’t believe how time has flown by! I’ll update you all on my projects, but first, I think it’s important to let you know that my team won the annual EDF summer picnic kickball game. Woohoo! We get free breakfast in the office next week 🙂 Unfortunately, my phone died shortly after I took these photos.. But as you can see it was a beautiful, sunny day at Lake Temescal.


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I learned a lot about microclimates that day–though it may be foggy and freezing in Pacific Heights, make sure to WEAR A HAT, BRING SUNSCREEN, and DRESS IN LAYERS if you are heading out to the East Bay, because it will be sunny and at least 10 degrees warmer…And you will be very upset at yourself for having not followed these rules, and you will spend a large part of the day cowering in whatever shade you can find.

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EDF, Point Reyes, and the SF Giants

Every morning at 8:15, I climb aboard crowded Bus 1, scan my Clipper Card, and head towards the Financial District for another fabulous day at Environmental Defense Fund. I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since my internship began. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, and the office is amazing (views of the Bay Bridge!). Right now I am working in the Research and Development Pod within the Oceans program. It is refreshing and invigorating to be working an environment with such intelligent, motivated, and passionate individuals. The staff at EDF works hard to help interns learn about the organization and their goals, and is always throwing out invitations for group lunches or weekend get-togethers. They even have an office book club and hiking group! I’m in heaven.

View from my desk!

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