BothCo is in the news!!!

“The backyard farm that aims to change the world… and has a chance.” pg 44 in the Monterey County Weekly July 16, 2015 or at this link – 

The BothCo family is very pleased and proud to be entered in the local news and held to such high regard. Thank you again to Wendy Hayward and the Hayward Foundation for helping fund such an endeavor. Visit us or donate at


JamesJames Galvin (President of BothCo) being interviewed for the article…


Both Co. Aquaponics

Hope it was a happy 4th of July for all! The summer with Both Co. has been veggie good. With 2 beautiful aquaponics systems producing delicious and sustainable veggies, investors and clients can’t help but knock on Both Co.’s garden gate. Both Co. has also been donating the majority of their produce to local food banks in the Monterey area. An anonymous investor donates for the lbs of produce and the money goes towards Both Co’s ever growing vision of helping solve global thirst and hunger. The next, bigger, badder, and more eco-friendly system is in the mix.  I will be updating soon on more of the veggie goodness, but until then, eat local and sustainable, ya hippies ; )