City Life

I have never been a city person. I have never pictured myself working in an office, wearing heels and blazers, metro-ing in every day and taking the elevator to the 28th floor. And yet here I am, doing all that and more.

My whole life I have been called things like “outdoorsy” and “addicted to the sun.” My passions have always revolved around camping, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and pretty much anything else that would facilitate me being outdoors on a sunny day. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, these passions were easy to pursue, and they manifested in the form of surfing, scuba diving, and lots of beach time. As a result of spending so much time outdoors, I developed a strong desire to protect the places that I love, especially the critically endangered ocean environments that I had long taken for granted as a resident of a town who cherishes and protects its marine ecosystems. Once I began traveling and viewing the world outside of my hometown oasis, I began to realize the truth: that our oceans are in trouble.

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