Fellowship Reflections

Anthropocene Institute’s ProtectedSeas Program

Monterey Bay (Lover’s Point 3) image taken with GoPro Hero 9.

What did you accomplish with your host organization? What was the impact of your work?

Working for the Anthropocene Institute’s ProtectedSeas program allowed me to help the extraordinary legal team with compiling a database of the legal framework that individual marine protected areas have instituted all over the world.  From Uruguay to South Georgia, I have explored the marine protected area legislation and management plans put in place to protect and conserve the planet’s precious biodiversity.  Working on this project has given me such a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how various countries govern and manage marine protected areas.  The high seas mapper tool that will be the final product of our work should be incredibly helpful for a large variety of people, businesses, institutions, and various MPA stakeholders around the world.

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Remote Office

Protecting the World’s Oceans Through Transparency

The state of the world’s oceans is largely problematic regardless of who you are.  An individual may wish to consume sustainable seafood or go catch enough fish to feed their family.  If I wanted to attempt to do either of these things, I would need transparent information on where I could fish or trust that the fish which I purchased at my local grocery store was properly labeled. This Summer, I have taken on two internships whose goal is to establish a comprehensive lens through which any individual or company may use to know how to sustainably interact with the world’s oceans and the resources it provides us.  

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