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Call for Proposals: Understanding Justice in Conflicts

2013_conference_symbolOur fall conference, Maneuvering the Maze: Understanding Justice in Conflicts, will seek to explore the many notions of justice, the importance and role of justice in conflict and peace, the various approaches to justice and the key players involved in providing, seeking and receiving justice.

We invite proposals from graduate students, academics and practitioners in conflict studies and other related disciplines (such as law, human rights, philosophy, psychology and environment) who can offer perspectives from their empirical research (we do place a lot of emphasis on first-hand, ground-up research) particularly on but not limited to the following conference sub-themes:

    1. Retributive/ Legal/ Procedural Justice
    2. Restorative Justice
    3. Psychological/ Personal Justice
    4. Social Justice/ Distributive Justice
    5. Environmental Justice
    6. Transitional Justice
    7. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, Tribunals and Special Courts
    8. Apology, Forgiveness and Justice
    9. History, Memory and Justice
    10. International Law/ Human Rights/ Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
    11. Religion/ Philosophy/ Ethics and Justice

Learn more about the conference and guidelines or submit a proposal here: