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International Education Day

IntlEdDay1Last week CCS participated in International Education Day at MIIS, a celebration inspired by the International Education Week headed by the U.S. Department of State to promote cross-cultural understanding and education on a global scale. MIIS brought about 130 high school students to campus to participate in a range of activities and learn about the programs and experiences of the graduate students, as well as some new possibilities for their futures. Our director Dr. Pushpa Iyer and CCS interns Eduardo Sanchez, Bryan Weiner, and Lauren DaSilva participated in trainings to introduce conflict studies to high school students from all over MontereyIntlEdDay2 county. In six sessions with about 20 students each, they introduced basic ideas and key concepts in conflict studies and conflict resolution, and discussed how to relate these principles to everyday, local events as well as events on the international level.