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“Maneuvering the Maze” Conference: Keynote Address


Dianne Barker Harrold delivers the conference’s keynote address.

The Center for Conflict Studies’ 2013 conference on justice, “Maneuvering the Maze: Understanding Justice in Conflicts,” kicked off on November 14 with a keynote address by Dianne Barker Harrold, entitled “The Complexities of Delivering Justice: Experiences in Indian Country.” The address drew around 100 attendees, including MIIS faculty, staff, students, and alumni, local community members, and other guests including conference presenters. Drawing on her extensive experience working in law in “Indian country” in Oklahoma and bringing in her personal journey as a Native American woman and seeker of justice and peace, Dianne Barker Harrold set an inspiring tone for the speakers and panelists and opened a number of important questions to be addressed throughout the conference.