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“Maneuvering the Maze” Conference: Panel of Scholars and Practitioners

Conference2013:ExpertsPanelOn the morning of November 15, before diving into the conference presentations, CCS was thrilled to welcome a panel of scholars and practitioners to discuss some of the conference’s central questions surrounding justice and peace. Over 50 people attended the panel, chaired by Dr. Christopher Mitchell, Emeritus Professor of Conflict Research at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. The panel included Middlebury history professor Ian Burrow; Masen Davis, executive director of Transgender Law Center; Mike Ewall, founder and director of the Energy Justice Network; keynote speaker Dianne Barker Harrold; S-CAR professor Susan F. Hirsch; Salinas police chief Kelly McMillan; and Azadeh Shahshahani, director of the National Security/Immigrants’ Rights Project at the ACLU of Georgia. With such a wide range of experience, study, and work, the expert panelists provided fascinating thoughts on the intersections of justice, law, and peace and set the tone for the next two days of panels.