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“Maneuvering the Maze” Conference: Panels

Conference2013:PanelThe CCS conference “Maneuvering the Maze: Understanding Justice in Conflicts” presented two days of thought-provoking and intriguing panels on numerous issues related to justice. Panels were grouped around themes such as environmental justice, the impact of gender and religion on justice, justice as a key to building peace, and more. With a total of 24 presenters from a variety of organizations, universities, and countries, the panels touched on theory and research, fieldwork and case studies, injustices and points of hope. From gangs in Salinas, land reforms in South Africa, and truth commissions in Uganda to minority language rights, the fight for LGBT rights, and theoretical explorations of justice in international politics, the presentations put forward a truly incredible array of information, ideas, and platforms for action. Participants agreed that these two days of panels gave them a multitude of new ideas to consider and new questions to explore.