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The Praxis of Conflict Transformation: Poverty, Homelessness & Violence in Los Angeles


Dr. Iyer and the 2015 Los Angeles course participants.

CCS Director Pushpa Iyer and 6 MIIS students are currently in Los Angeles for “The Praxis of Conflict Transformation” field course. The course seeks to help participants link the theory of peacebuilding with practice through field research. LA is the perfect location for this course because it is a city of contrasts: it is home to Hollywood and a celebrity culture, but also overwhelming poverty, homelessness and violence. Participants will be meeting with NGOs, government officials, and civil society members to learn about how they work on these deep-rooted conflicts in the context of racial tensions, extreme wealth, and other structural imbalances. Outcomes of the trip will be shared in presentations and various publications.

You can keep up with the participants’ research and experiences in LA by reading their blog. Bios of the course participants can be found here. For more information about the course, please visit our website.