Arrival to the Mount Madonna Center

IMG_7727As we came up the windy path to the center, my car sickness quickly subsided as we entered the gates into this heavenly place in the mountains: we are lucky enough to call this home for the next 5 days.

Of course, we all made the connection quickly: to study peacebuilding and discuss the topics that we are, it is only right that we do so in a peaceful place. So, as you can imagine, the shift from room 220 in the McCone building (as nice as it is) to THIS was quite an easy transition. Surrounded by tall Redwoods and a small lake, Mount Madonna is the definition of “peaceful” and I think once we all move beyond the initial awe that forces its way out of each of us in the form of a smile, I believe we will indeed be able to have a very productive final week of the Summer Peacebuilding Program.

The Mount Madonna Center boasts many self-soothing activities, including various hiking trails, yoga class, and it’s very own temple. Needless to say that this week, we will all have a chance to create our own internal peace with the hope that maximum output is achieved while maintaining our sanity.