As I pack to make the 34 hour journey across the world to New York, and then another cross country one to San Francisco, I reflect on my college career, and how in the span of the past three years, through my experiences both academic and professional, I have not only learnt so much about everything around me, but completely transformed my world view to one that is more nuanced and perceptive. If anything, these few years have taught me the value of unique and intensive opportunities of unabridged discussion and sharing, and that is why I am so excited about the peace building workshop.

Looking at the bios of the participants, the program is promising in not only its caliber of faculty and teaching, but also, in the opportunity to tap into the diverse backgrounds, life experiences and consequent diverse world views of my fellow colleagues.

I have always been very interested in peace building, especially in its intersection with human rights and development work. Especially after living through the civil war in Nepal and how the 10 year war ravaged my country, broke down the institutions and value of accountability, the notion of peace building has always been of academic and personal interest to me. This summer I worked at Forum for Women, Law and Development, where I created a gender audit tool for the new constitution and created projects and proposals for women’s rights. Working in the field really showed me how the lack of peace and stability can break down not only a country’s political institutions, but even social ones.

Finally, In the past, I have taken many courses on civil wars, development, the middle east and other issues that have a deep link to peace building and its various facets. My interest in world issues and its inherent link to peacebuilding is another key reason I want to learn more about it in more depth.

I look forward to get started and learning from everyone!