A statement “water will be closer to us in the future” had a really bad impression to me. I thought it was not true. Have not I seen those protests around the world? There was no way water will be closer to us in the future. I thought “it was only going to be further from us.” The session by professor Jeff Langholz has proved me wrong. So many water conflicts arise all over the world, it is everywhere and the shared root of the problem was that there is not enough for everyone.

Professor Jeff asked us before he started his session if we believed that water will become closer and cleaner for us. None of us showed our hands. He asked us that what if we can produce water by ourselves, just like how we use the solar cell for electricity, will we come to the end of water conflict? Technology, to me sounds like something new, something more modern, something complicated and something that furthers us away from what we did in the past. Using technology to produce water sounds so strange to me, professor Jeff kept going on his presentation, it was so amazing that I felt like I was watching a TedTalk more than listening to a lecture. He talked about all these new inventions that would help us to keep water for ourselves. It seems so surreal to me but this is happening, I was wondering how come we did not think of this before? How many lives we could have saved? It was clear to me that technology definitely doesn’t mean something new, it could be something as old as harvesting dew but adapting it to our lives.