The session with Professor Jeff Langholz was fantastic. It was fantastic and very informative to listen to the conflict rap. The professor was pretty good! This entire presentation was engaging and it really helped me understand the water crisis as well as the positive future in green technology. Personally, I have never studied environmental issues before. I believe that his class was very informative and useful. I believe this session was a great introduction into understanding the environmental issues that impact our society. I learned that there are three pillars to sustainability: people, planet, and prosperity. The elements may be the three C’s (communities, conservation and commerce) or the three E’s (equity, ecology, and economies). In addition, I did not know California hired Water Patrol agents. That alone helps me truly understand that there is a water crisis-resrouce wise and economic wise. It was incredible to learn that it would cost $1 trillion to fix the U.S. piping system. I also did not understand until now that the water is expensive for an economic reason as well. It was a shock to know that water is the fastest rising utility. It is unbelievable that companies are so greedy to hike up the cost of water, a resource we all need.

I also learned about different water systems-Graywater and Blackwater.  Apparently, Graywater is water that was used for laundry, showers, and bathtubs. Blackwater is water that was used for toilets and kitchen sinks. It is incredible that there is technology to clean up water in order to reuse it again. However, I am not sure if I am willing to drink the water. Again, I am not familiar with environmental issues, but this truly was presented as an exciting field to explore. I realize that this green technology can be useful for countries in Latin America. Latin America is beautiful and a perfect region to try different green technologies. However, I wonder if Latin America will miss an opportunity to continue trying out this field.  I can only see benefits in creating jobs for the region. In addition, I also find it frustrating that the Trump administration is willing to miss an opportunity because the were more interested in maintaining the status quo by siding with the usual utility sectors where they have a horrible impact on the environment.

I found this session amazing and I wish his class was longer.