Stop and Smell the Roses

One’s chances at finding happiness and satisfaction in life are based upon one’s expectations, and ability to appreciate what is in front of their own nose.  Attitude is imperative.  Perspective can be the tipping point between a viewing a glass half full or half empty.  Much of the time, in our society we are just in too much of a hurry to stop and take a moment to appreciate a small win, the smile of a passerby, or even a flower at our feet.

We had the opportunity this week to get a bit more in touch with “grassroots” in all meanings of the word, but literally in nature through a visit to Earthbound Farms (pioneer in the organic farming industry) and with listening to an enlightening talk regarding conflict and natural resources.  It’s miraculous to think that such a simple thing as water, that seemingly covers the majority of our planet, actually when in short supply can cause catastrophic wars and conflict that bridges vast continents, touching all cultures and creatures…but, it makes sense.  Control the water, you control everything.

Walking through the herb and fruit gardens at Earthbound Farms, one has the opportunity to taste, smell, see, hear, and touch the myriad beautiful herbs, plants, trees, fruits, and berries…watching nature operate in harmony.  The yellow raspberries…who knew yellow raspberries even existed, and are actually creamier (if you can imagine a creamy berry) than their reddish-hued cousins? Pineapple sage…yes, that exists.  Fields of lavender, an assortment of mint, torpedo onions the same height as I am…nature is fascinating.  Which begs the question…why the need for chemicals in farming that kill every insect, good and bad?… when the environment actually sorts itself out quite well without human intervention.  The world’s current ways at harvesting potable water are unsustainable; and with a little bit of creativity, technology, and patience…we were presented with ways that water can be obtained from the vast ocean of H20 that actually exists in the air all around us all the time.  Innovation is extraordinary, and can be a key player at mitigating conflict.  Words like harmony, peace, balance…nature is really good at all those things, all on its own, if we let it do its thing.  Nature also has a way of healing and providing a type of escape, a spiritual connection for some.  A healthy dose of sunshine when feeling overwhelmed goes a long way.  A hike can destress, a swim can calm, and if you’ve never danced or played in the rain…definitely give it a try.

Focusing on the negative, or seeing the glass half empty…is draining & exhausting.  Holding grudges.  Racism.  The denial of basic human rights.  These are human practices.  Human potential I believe is extraordinary, but human beings could learn a thing or two from nature, which doesn’t discriminate.  Let the trees supply oxygen, allow the sky to give us water, permit wetlands to purify our air, keep wildlife in the wild, treat living things with respect.  Less is more…less intervention, less complication, less hate, less wasted resources…more harmony, more conservation, more inclusion, more common sense.  Let’s do what we can with what we have.  Simplify…and without question, always stop more often to smell the roses.