Conflict has past

We had another opportunity to go through  our acknowledgement about peace and its relation to other part of life. This time we met with a police chief of police Adele Frese. I found her very strong and experienced woman, striving to protect human’s life. It was interesting to learnt about her passion to become a policeman. Her early period of childhood was accompanied by the incident that shaped her thought and determined her future as a policeman. She talked about the prevention programs that keeps more or less of happening a crime. However, she strives to do much in that field and introduce new approaches.
Another extremely significant issues we discussed during the session was  history and memory. We were introduced with various examples of historical conflicts, where the memory plays a huge role. This made me think about it and could not get answer. Despite having a strong peace building tool or any developed project for reconciliation and conflict management,  It seems  complicated to deal with painful memory, as it is impossible to erase the past experience and information. So, here I got into impasse. How it is possible to construct a bridge between hostile parties when there is painful memory.
At the end of the session we watched a film about the victims torched and suffered from the violence. Even though, justice that implied court litigation regarding each cases, that was not relief so much. The memory is undefeated. However, I look at this problem with hope that some time, generations will deal with that and it is a question time.