2012 CIF Student Conference Presentations

Joint Presentations

Franklin High School (USA) and Gymnasia #164 (Russia)

Global Attitudes Towards Nuclear Energy and Weapons



American High Schools

York High School

South Korea: The Legacy of Kori and Ulchin

(works cited)


Santa Catalina School

What is Cyberterrorism? 



 Presque Isle High School

Facing the Danger: Confronting New Realities in the Nuclear World



Choate Rosemary Hall

The Promise, Risk and Challenge of Nuclear Energy: A Case Study of Indian Point Energy Center




Russian High Schools

Seversk Gymnasium

Safety: First and Foremost



Sarov Gymnasia #2

Safety and Security Culture



School for Cosmonautics

Nuclear Safety in Ukraine: Lessons Learnt?

Chernobyl Video                      New Generation Power Plant Video



From 9/11 to 3/11

Bosnia and Herzegovina

United World College in Mostar

Pakistan as Nuclear Proliferator