2012-2013 Teachers’ Lectures and Presentations




CIF 2012-2013 Teachers’ Workshop Agenda with links to presentations



Direct Links to Presentations:

Video Recording-1: Dr. Potter’s Welcome, Introduction
Thurs, Nov 29

Dr. William Potter, CNS Director, gives welcome remarks to CIF teachers with online participants from Russia in the background.


Jeffrey Knopf Video Lecture

Knopf PPT: Nuclear Weapons in Today’s World: Where are We, and How did We Get Here, and the Future

Dr. Jeffrey Knopf, Program Chair, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies, lectures on nuclear weapons in today’s world.


Video Recording-2: Thurs, Nov 29, Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress Lecture

Dalnoki-Veress PPT: What are Nuclear Weapons? Scientific Perspectives

Dr. Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress, Scientist-in-Residence at CNS, discusses nuclear weapons from a scientific perspective.


Moore Video Recording: The Effects of Use of Nuclear Weapons

Moore PPT: The Effects of Nuclear Weapons. Supplement PPT

Dr. George Moore, Scientist-in-Residence at CNS, describes the effects of the use of nuclear weapons.


Video Recording-3: Thurs, Nov 29, Afternoon.
Yousaf Butt Lecture, Teacher Discussions

Butt PPT: Technical Challenges to Nuclear Disarmament: Offense/Defense Interplay and Hindrance to Getting to Zero

Dr. Yousaf Butt, Scientist-in-Residence at CNS, talks about missile defense and arms control.

amanda_moodie_300x300Video Recording: Introduction to the Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament Regime

Moodie PPT: Introduction to the Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament Regime

Amanda Moodie, CNS Research Associate, describes international nonproliferation and disarmament regimes.


Video Recording-4: Friday, Nov 30, Morning-1.
Amanda Moodie and Jeffrey Lewis Lectures

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Director of the EANP at CNS, introduces the issue of global disarmament.



Video Recording-5: Friday, Nov 30, Morning-2. Jon Wolfsthal Lecture

Wolfsthal PPT: Domestic and International Obstacles to Disarmament

Jon Wolfsthal, CNS Deputy Director, discusses domestic and international political challenges to nuclear disarmament.


Video Recording-6: Aruni Wijewardane and Avner Cohen Lectures; CIF Teacher Experience by Masha Serttunc

Wijewardane PPT: The Role of Non-Nuclear Weapon States in a World without Nuclear Weapons

Ambassador Aruni Wijewardane, Director of the International Organizations and Nonproliferation Program, lectures on the roles of non-nuclear weapon states to the path toward a world free of nuclear weapons.

Video Recording

Dr. Avner Cohen, Director of the Nonproliferation Education Program, discusses the roles of civil society in delegitimizing nuclear weapons.




Masha Serttunc, a teacher at Santa Catalina School in Monterey, CA, introduces her experience with the CIF Project at her school.




Dalnoki-Veress PPT: Challenge of Verifying the Road to Zero
Dr. Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress explains the challenges of verification.