The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and It’s Members

By Lily Vaccaro

As you all know, the Treaty for the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) consists of two groups of members, Nuclear Weapons States (NWS) and Non-Nuclear Weapons States (NNWS). There is an interesting dynamic between these two groups, especially on the subject of disarmament. Since all NNWS committed never to acquire or seek to acquire nuclear weapons, many are concerned with the lack of progress from NWS to disarm their nuclear weapons.

We were lucky to host a discussion between two ambassadors at CNS last fall: former US ambassador, Ambassador Susan Burk, and an ambassador from Chile, Ambassador Alfredo Labbé Villa. Both have represented their respective states at NPT Review Conferences and had a lot of insight on the treaty and the nonproliferation regime in general. What makes this discussion particularly interesting is that Ambassador Burk represented a NWS while Ambassador Labbé represented a NNWS.

Each ambassador outlines what they see as priorities for the continued success of the NPT, what was similar and what was different? Imagine yourself as a diplomat representing your state at an NPT Review Conference, what would you make a priority?

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