Dr. William Perry’s quote

Dr. Perry saluted the CNS for “pioneering” nonproliferation and disarmament education and congratulated the participants of the conference. Below is his quote:

Dr. William Perry's keynote presentation

Dr. William Perry’s keynote presentation

“I would like to start off by thanking Bill Potter and the James Martin Center for sponsoring this wonderful and unique conference. I have believed for many years now that the only way I would want to deal with this nuclear problem is through education and the education has to start young, at high school. And Bill Potter is going to pioneer in recognizing this best and the most successful program on the way in the country to actually implement it. So, Bill, Congratulations on the wonderful work. I have to tell you also how impressed I was by the talks I heard this morning and I want to thank all the students who gave the talk and all the other high school students who are here and preparing to get the same informed education about this one existential threat to you and your families and to the whole world. I would be remiss if I not also recognize to thank the teachers and the principals with whom you worked to help you prepare for this event. Anything that we can do to encourage the teachers and the principals to move forward on this is critically important. I do not believe we will really deal effectively with the nuclear problem until the youth of our country become fully understanding about how dangerous this is to their future and start to work actively to reduce this danger and to eliminate it.”

Please see Dr. Perry’s entire speech.