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CNS aims to empower high school students by providing opportunities to study nonproliferation and disarmament issues, one of the most vital international security issues in the world. We are also aware that not all high schools interested in the issues can physically attend the teacher’s workshop and/or the student conference. For these participants, we have made all the educational materials and resources developed for the program accessible to anyone from anywhere. CNS encourages as many schools as possible to use this material to promote nonproliferation and disarmament education. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact project manager, Masako Toki.

Schools can participate in CIF in two ways:

  1. By contacting our staff to see how their school can participate in the face-to-face Teachers’ Workshop and Spring Student Conference
  2. By using the materials on this site in their classrooms.

Orientation Materials

Critical Issues Forum Curriculum
How to Conduct the CIF Project
Teacher Development Workshop 

Print Resources

Lecture PowerPoint Presentations
Instructions for Student Research and Projects
View Student Work from the 2011-2012 CIF Project
Resources and Helpful Links

Video Resources

Video Tutorials
Video of Student Presentations
Teachers’ Lectures
Dr. Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress explaining basic physics of nuclear weapons.