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CTBTO Youth Group 

From the website: The CTBTO Youth Group (CYG) is a coalition of students and young professionals dedicated to the implementation and the entry into force and universalization of the CTBT, the continued build-up of its verification regime, and the promotion of the Treaty and its verification technologies for international peace and security. CYG members actively engaged in national, regional, and international events and activities to promote the entry into force and universalization of the Treaty. CYG careers to contribute to global peace and security and who wish to actively engage in promoting the CTBT and its verification regime. 


Youth4Disarmament is a youth outreach initiative established in 2019 by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. This initiative places an emphasis on the importance of engaging diverse groups of students in conversations surrounding nuclear weapons disarmament and nonproliferation.  

Youth Fusion 

Youth Fusion is a global networking platform for students in the field of nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. This platform uses an interdisciplinary approach to address disarmament, international peace, climate action, public health, and sustainable development. Youth Fusion has many forums and events that engage those across different generations so all can listen and learn from one another to build cooperation for more effective policy action.