DC Immersion

Jun 13

Day 86

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If my count is accurate, I have a deadline coming up. With my supervisor’s travel, I’m set back about aweek. But at least I’ve made some progress! Meeting on Tuesday to finalize my reserach design and discuss next steps. Essentially, my analysis of FinCEN’s interactions with other FIUs and responses to requests from other FIUs should be quick to complete. It is the data collection that will take time. The July 20 deadline for a final project may not be feasible, but I will stretch to make things work out.

May 27

Some days are easier than others. An unpaid internship has its stresses, but also its benefits. Joining the Stimson softball team was the best idea I’ve had in a long time. Active, yet still maintaining connections with awesome people.

Tonight is a reception for the Scoville Fellows, the incoming class. As a friend of a Fellow who was awarded last round and who worked with someone on the board, I was invited to attend. It should be an interesting change from researching virtual currency for the MIIS Financial Crimes Blog, or compiling information on FIUs of the world.

Progess on IPSS project planning is sluggish. To define an assesment that was assigned (rather than created through collaboration) is difficult not in terms of understanding, but in terms of designing the product to cater to the POV of the client. While I would love to simply continue blogging for my IPSS assignment, occasional postings about virtual currency and money laundering very meagerly benefits my boss.


To be continued…

May 12

Day 63.

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Three months since I’ve arrived in DC and I’ve long since felt like I belong. The hustle and bustle of the downtown commute has me emulating the New York scowl and quick pace as I wander through the streets to the twelve floor of my building. Working at the Stimson Center is nothing like I could have imagined: focused mission and people, with a great amount a drive and daily accomplishment, yet laughter and homemade sushi in the kitchen just down the hall. It’s my last day here and I now realize how much I will miss the people.

I have always known that research was not for me, I was never good at it. But there is no better chance to improve than to spend 504 hours researching, critically thinking, and writing. And there is no better opportunity to take than to improve skills with the help of professionals.

Today, I’m not thinking about my time as a researcher, or my time writing preliminary report drafts. Today, I am thinking about my down time and how it will soon be gone. I’m excited.