About Me

I am an international educator expanding and exploring my horizons in the field of International Education Management. For three years I had the experience of volunteering, working and teaching abroad on the islands of America Samoa in the middle of the South Pacific. I am committed to assisting fellow international educators and students to become global citizens through respect, the pursuit of diversity and the understanding of cultural identities.

IMG_0001_3I was born on a cold winter day in a suburb of Toronto, Canada to a Canadian father and American mother. As a young student, I had the privilege of attending schools with concentrated arts programs that helped develop my creative outlets. When I was 16,  I left the cold winters of Canada and moved to sunny South Florida to the city of West Palm Beach. There I attended the prestigious Alexander W. Dreyfoos, School of the Arts where I continued my theatre studies.

Leaving the sun behind, I decided to enroll at Emerson College in Boston as an acting major. Upon discovering different goals for myself, I decided to transfer to New York University where I completed my undergraduate education obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama. I spent the next 5 years working in New York City for a variety of artistic organizations, including theatre companies, a talent agency and an entertainment law firm.


Realizing that my love for the arts no longer fulfilled me in ways that I desired, I committed myself to finding a way to give back to those without the same educational opportunities that I was afforded. I applied for and was accepted as a volunteer teacher with WorldTeach, a volunteer teaching abroad organization. Quickly a one year commitment turned into three amazing years in the South Pacific.

During my time in American Samoa, I realized the importance of international education and my desire to further my knowledge in this expanding field. My experiences with Samoan culture and its people opened my eyes to the power and importance in becoming a global citizen in today’s society.

In December 2014, I  graduated with a Master of Arts degree in International Education Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.