An integral part of the Master of Arts degree program for International Education Management at MIIS is a four to six month practicum experience.  The professional practicum gives students the opportunity to build on their coursework through completion of projects in real-world settings. Students are responsible for rigorous academic performance, equivalent in quantity and quality to the requirements for 6 credits of on-campus coursework.

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I completed my practicum at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.  I was the On-Site Manager for the US Pathway Program, which is a transitional program for 126 students from Nigeria and 74 students from China.  Northeastern is part of a consortium of universities providing a comprehensive and supportive environment for all USPP students as the seek to begin their academic careers in the US.

During this experience, I completed a variety of projects for the organization that fulfill my IEM practicum requirements.  Below is a sampling of these projects.

1. Intercultural Competency: Cultural Training Workshop 

A Training Workshop for Domestic Student Staff Members

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Click image to view the Training Workshop

2. Intercultural Competency: Cross-Cultural Dialogue & Activities Presentation

An Activities Workshop for International Students from Nigeria & China

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Click image to view the Cross-Cultural Presentation 

3. Resource Generation: USPP Summer Bridge Newsletter 

A NewsletterDocumenting the USPP Summer Bridge Program

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Click image to view the Newsletter