Speaker Bio: Kennedy Mugo

Mugo (1)

Mugo is a social entrepreneur who believes the key to assisting people lies in listening. He helped in the founding of the New Dawn high school in Huruma slum, Nairobi. He worked as a volunteer teacher in this community for two years (2006-2007) and came up with innovative ways to keep students motivated and in school for the long run.

Mugo attended Middlebury College where he majored in Political Science & Economics. He helped in the launch of the Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship and co-found the Social Justice Alliance. In his senior year he was chosen to be on a panel with the pioneer of social entrepreneurship, Ashoka’s Bill Drayton.

As a young man he spent his time in Kibera, where his family had a business, and he asserts he still has not come accross people who are as entrepreneurial as those he met in Kibera slum – the larges informal settlement in Africa. Mugo is a big believer in Africa and has been dubbed an “Afro-Optimist” by many, he believes that the continent has the kind of leadership needed to steer it to become the hub of sustainable development.

In the past, Mugo has worked at Save the Children in Washington, DC and has founded the Pan-Africanist Core – a leadership development institute. His current endeavor is AfroArt East Africa  a curated online gallery that connects talented artists from East Africa with the U.S. market. Mugo is also a graduate student at UC Berkeley: a Candidate in the Masters in Development Practice.

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