Featured Programs

Design, Partnering, Management & Innovation (DPMI) – DPMI is a leadership certificate in international development project management and social change. The training is offered every January in Monterey and Kigali, Rwanda and every May/June in Monterey, Washington, D.C. and Kenya.

The DPMI Development Practicum (DPMI Plus) is an academic and professional program in which Monterey Institute students complete a 3-9 month internship in which they apply DPMI skills to benefit the host organization.

Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL) – CSIL is unique among the many social entrepreneurship programs in existence today in that it is designed to serve the full spectrum of budding social entrepreneurs, from undergraduates to graduate students to young professionals, offering them not only valuable learning experiences but also seamless transitions from one stage of professional development to the next as they prepare for careers in the social enterprise field.

Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) – The FMS program selects and trains professionals who seek a career in social enterprise management and impact investing. The training program ifs followed by an optional 2-12 month field assignment with a field experience fellowship with a social enterprise or impact investment fund.

Sponsoring Student Groups and Organization:

  • MIIS African Nations Club

Affiliate organizations:

Special thanks to the following organizations for hosting talented and driven MIIS students in their immersive learning placements in East Africa:

  • The Ihangane Project, Rwanda – Ihangane means ‘to be patient’ and seeks to empower Rwandan communities to develop integrated approaches to the challenges of HIV by supporting community-driven projects that increase access to health care, improve health care quality, and foster long term success through economic development.
  • Omega Foundation, Kenya – Omega Foundation (OF) is a Kenyan non-profit organization that works in the programmatic realm of comprehensive social care and support programs (including provision of comprehensive HIV services) in Bondo, Kisumu and Nyando districts in Nyanza Province and parts of the Rift Valley. 
  • Partners In Health Rwanda – Partners In Health (PIH)  works to strengthen Rwanda’s public health system in three rural districts, serving 800,000 people through three hospitals and 41 health centers.
  • Resonate, Rwanda – Resonate teaches leadership skills to women and girls through a training program rooted in storytelling. The confidence gained from developing a personal story, as well as the ability to articulate it eloquently, are essential tools for emerging female leaders.
  • Unreasonable East Africa, Uganda –  Unreasonable East Africa gives an “unfair advantage” to entrepreneurs creating solutions to the world’s biggest social and environmental problems.
  • UpEnergy, Uganda – UpEnergy fights poverty, improves health, and protects forests by making clean energy technologies available to more people in the developing world through carbon-financed distribution channels.