Travel, Safety & Health

[MIIS Emergency Contacts]

Global Rescue Emergency

+1 617 459 4200

Carolyn Meyer (C) + 1 831 521 8566 (O) + 1 831 647 6417
Barbara Burke (C) + 1 831 905 1355 (O) + 1 831 647 3513

 International Travel, Safety, and Health Information

As with all other Institute-related international travel, you must complete the Travel Registration Form and other appropriate documents for your practicum. 

Travel Registration and Insurance Requirements

1.)   Please fill out the Travel Registration form ( Some of you who have used this form before for other types of practica only have to change the dates (approximate time to complete: five minutes). Others will have to follow the instructions on the site (approximate time to complete: 10 minutes). Please make sure that the “received” box next to the “Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks and Release Agreement” is checked when done, as this shows completion. 

a.  Please use only Chrome or Firefox as your web browser when registering your travel.  

b.  This travel form includes a liability waiver and automatically adds you to the Global Rescue Security evacuation plan for Middlebury. You will also receive an invitation to login to the free GRID application. This application sends you security notifications for your area and allows you to check-in. 

c.  All MIIS students are provided security evacuation and medical consultation services through Global Rescue. In case of emergency, you can contact Global Rescue directly at 1-617-459-4200 ( 

2.)  Medical Evacuation Plan and Coverage Abroad (Only necessary for those NOT on the MIIS student medical insurance.)   a.  If you are not on the MIIS student insurance available through MIIS, your medical insurance policy must cover you abroad and include at least 500,000 USD in medical emergency evacuation coverage and 50,000 USD in repatriation. iNext, World Nomads, AON, are just a few international medical insurances and medical evacuation plans that have offered rates as low as $50 USD per month. We recommend enrolling in a program designed for Middlebury/MIIS students through HTH Worldwide. The cost for this plan (2016-17)  is approximately $52/month.  To enroll, visit this page.  

Other Requirements/Information  

3.)  State Department Travel Warning Waiver: If there is a US State Department travel warning in your destination country, you must print and sign this waiver and return it to the GSIPM front desk c/o Carolyn Meyer, IPLSP Director.   

4.)  It is highly recommended that you register with the State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) or your home country’s equivalent (if available).   

5.)  Assault and Sexual Violence: In addition to services in the US, Middlebury provides resources and support for those who have faced assault, harassment, or other forms of sexual violence. Please see rights and options information and contact your program director or advisor. Students from all countries can also access Sexual Assault Support & Help for Americans Abroad: (,, (see

6.) Health Information Guide: Please see this document for recommendations on health considerations for your travel abroad.