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Picture credit: Jessica Lea/Department for International Development (DfID)

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About the class:

Education and Development (IEMG 8533/DPGG 9533) aims to introduce students to perspectives and debates relevant to understanding the relationship between education and development (economic, political, social, etc.) and the politics of education development, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries. Students will examine international education initiatives (e.g., Sustainable Development Goals, the Education for All goals, Poverty Reduction Strategies) and the work of multilateral (e.g., UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank), bilateral (e.g., USAID, DFID) and international non-governmental organizations (e.g., Save the Children, Plan International, others), including debates on aid modalities in education development. For additional information, please contact the course instructor, Dr. Anne Campbell.

About the assignment:

Each group of students will choose one international development area, metric, or outcome and discuss how education influences it. This development area, metric, or outcome will ideally be associated with the Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout the semester, students will be asked to identify and read material related to this topic and write blog posts that summarize their findings, current events or popular media coverage of the topic, or other insights. Those blog posts will be published on this site and will also serve as the reading materials to prepare for in-class presentations.

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