Teacher Training & Community Classes

Hi everyone! We are 3 days into our 5 day teacher training session!

On day 1 (Monday), we covered the following topics with our teachers:

1. The importance of keeping a teaching journal for reflection and professional development

2. CLT-Communicative Language Teaching

We also had our first day of community language lessons, we mostly worked with beginners and taught them how to introduce themselves and say basic information about themselves.

On day 2 of teacher training, we worked on lesson planning and SWBATs (Students Will Be Able To). SWBATs are basically the goals or objectives of the lesson.

For Day 2 of community language classes, we split the students into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. After reflecting, we decided to only split them into 2 levels : beginner and advanced for day 3.

For Day 3 of the teacher training, we worked a bit more on lesson planning and SWBATs. We also showed the teachers how to use books like the Oxford Picture Dictionary and the other books we brought. We showed teachers the variety of activities they can do with just one book. At the end of our session, we worked on pronunciation.

For Day 4, we will concentrate on teaching through music and CBI (Content Based Instruction!)

It’s very very very hot here but today we got a very nice thunderstorm and even a beautiful rainbow!