Fall 2014 Need Analysis

We interviewed many past participants and current stakeholders to conduct our needs analysis. First, we me with Lisa Donohoe, the coordinator for the Haiti project. She gave us access to data from the previous curriculum design groups and also provided insightful information for the future development of the project. Luckily, she was headed to Haiti within days of our meeting so she took some of our questions with her to ask local teachers and administration.

We then met with Jaimee De Pompeo to get her perspective on the future development of the curriculum. Jaimee told us that last semester there was a large emphasis on getting the teachers to use SWBAT for their lessons. She informed us that for the most part they are very open to new ideas, however, it does take a while to get them used to working with a different mind set. She also mentioned that the sixth-graders have a very limited amount of English because they do not begin English classes until seventh-grade. However, the school is slowly trying to incorporate English to all grade levels. The last curriculum design group used the Oxford Picture Dictionary in order to create lessons for the students and recommended that we continue to use the book if they were still using it.

After Lisa returned from Haiti we met with her once more. This meeting was to get the latest update on what the teachers need for the continuation of the curriculum. She informed us that the teachers are still using the SWBAT technique, which has been very helpful when developing lessons. However, they now need more information on how to assess students. She also said that she did not see the book which was used last semester (Oxford Picture Dictionary) so using it for the basis for the curriculum would be challenging.