Fall 2014 Sixth Grade Extension

Lesson Extension 

The lesson that I designed is the first lesson of the unit. It is setting the stage for the rest of the letter writing process, therefore the following lessons should build upon the first. Looking at the goals for the unit plan, the following lessons should touch upon the goals that were not focused on in the first lesson. For example the next lesson could included a lesson on how to convey respect and politeness by using modals in their letter writing. There should still be a generous amount of scaffolding in order to teach these language functions. Another lesson could included developing a rationale for the topic the students chose to write about. Even though the students will not be able to produce elaborate rationales, they can still formulate it through sentence frames (introduced in Lesson 1).

Other Letters 

Similar to pen pals, students can also write letters to children in the United States asking them about a topic they are interested in. If the letters generate responses, an activity to include could be to share their share their findings with the class. Students can also write to compare differences and similarities regarding daily activities in Haiti and the United States (e.g. a day in school, dinner/breakfast, etc.).