Spring 2014 Needs Analysis

Our needs analysis was conducted over the course of several months during the spring 2014 semester. We were extremely careful to interview all past participants and current stakeholders in order to gain as complete a picture as possible of the realities on the ground in Hinche.

We were able to speak extensively with MIIS Staff member Lisa Donohoe who done her own needs analysis at St. Andre’s in October 2013 and had a close working relationship both with St. Andre’s prinicpal Pere Noe Bernier and the committee at St. Dunstan’s Church in Carmel Valley.

Additionally we spoke with Team Haiti 2013 members Haley Beryl and Gregory Singfield about their experience teaching and sharing in the Hinche community.

We crafted a survey for the teachers at St. Andre’s in order to get specific feedback about where they wanted us to concentrate our energies and what their student body’s abilities were however due to the technological limitations that exist in Hinche, we were unsuccessful in communicating with them.

Finally, we were able to call and speak with Principal Pere Noe Bernier and learn more about his vision for his school and his students. This conversation was perhaps the most important and informative of all and gave our project a more clear direction.

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Needs Assessment