Teacher Training Workshop

Our Teacher Training will consist of thirty hours of instruction over the course of five days. We are expecting about 10 teachers and have the following goals:

-Give the teachers as much exposure as possible to Native English in order to increase their confidence and ability to communicate

-Capacity build in the area of Pedagogical knowledge in order to improve and diversify their teaching strategies

-Introduce the resources (Oxford Picture Dictionary and other story books) to the teachers and present them with strategies to incorporate them into their own lessons in the future

The Syllabus

Monday Morning:




Monday Afternoon:

Learner Types/Communicative Language Learning overview

Collaborative lesson planning for community english learning

Tuesday Morning:

Intro to oxford and other books

Tuesday Afternoon:

Gregory’s Comparative Literature

Wednesday Morning:

Teacher Feedback, giving feedback

Grammar teaching (based on self-assessment)

Wednesday Afternoon:

Teaching through music

Thursday Morning:

activity learning by doing circuit

grammar teaching/lesson planning

Thursday Afternoon:

CBI books/soccer etc


Left open for collaborative planning with the teachers based on their needs