About Me

In order to further my career in international education, I completed a StokesEmilyPortrait 20152Master’s degree in International Education Management at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in December 2014.

My enthusiasm and interest for international education come both from my personal and professional experiences.

When I set off for my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Oregon, I was excited to take advantage of the global opportunities the university had to offer. I decided to major in International Studies, learn Arabic, and spend a semester studying abroad in Jordan. After returning from abroad, I wanted to avoid “shoeboxing” my experience and so joined the Arab Student Union on campus, eventually co-directing the group.

My time with the Arab Student Union illuminated the experience of Arab and Muslim international students as well other international student populations. Upon graduating from the University of Oregon, I was fortunate to work with INTO Oregon State University‘s Student Services team, interacting with and serving international students. It was my experience there that solidified my path toward international education.

I feel that international education has the power to change an individual and to change the world. By making a commitment to understand and share each other’s cultures, we are also making a commitment to world peace.

I hope to further my knowledge of how international education can “be the solution” to the world’s challenges, and move forward in my career advancing those solutions.

Countries I’ve visited:
The Middle East and Europe: