Tired of waiting for your annual 1098-T form to arrive in the mail?


Visit www.1098-t.com to find out how you can receive this year’s 1098-T form online.

This is a quick reminder that you can sign up now to receive this year’s 1098-T form online. Through the use of our service provider, students can consent to receive e-mail notification when the 2011 1098-T form is available.

Select the option to “Access My Record.” You will be prompted through a series of steps validating personal information.

Once securely logged into your personal account, a link is provided to receive forms online. Please read the information thoroughly and provide a current and valid e-mail address when prompted.

Upon creation of the 2011 1098-T form, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that the form is available on http://www.1098-t.com/ . You can print a copy for yourself, your parents, and your tax advisor.

If you signed up to get your form online last year, you do not need to enroll again.

Visit http://www.1098-t.com/ today.

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