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Keeping It Clean!

keeping-clean Dryers are devices of convenience, a quick solution for drying your clothes. They are also superb at setting stains and decreasing the longevity of your clothes. Using a dyer costs money because you’ll need to replace worn out clothing.

Compare the cost of using a dryer with the cost of using a clothesline or an indoor clothes rack. The cost of purchasing a clothes rack is usually between $5 and $20, and this cost is recovered in savings after the first month in most cases. Not only do clotheslines offer additional savings, but air-dried laundry lasts longer. The sun helps remove stains from light clothing, and ultraviolet rays kill bacteria.

To save time and space while air-drying shirts, hang them on hangers. They become less wrinkled, take up less space, and can be moved to the closet as soon as they have dried.